Saturday, March 17, 2007

First FO (knitting) ever!

For my first project that I could actually knit, I chose the The Big Net Oversize Scarf Stole, a free pattern from Crystal Palace. I loved the dramatic size and wonderful texture of the design. Plus, it is a very simple pattern in garter stitch and fringe. While the original was in a monochromatic white, I planned mine in three shades of dark blue. I purchased the three yarns from various sources online including eBay.

Accidentally, however, I purchased Crystal Palace Summer Net yarn in Light Periwinkle Grape instead of Big Net yarn which drastically changed the scale of the project. Also, the three yarns did not go together in real life the same way they did on my monitor. Rather than be disappointed, I knit one scarf with the three skeins of Summer Net with a Crystal Palace Glam Lapis Violet fringe, and a second scarf with the two skeins of Crystal Palace Raggedy Lagoon. Both were knit in garter stitch on size 19 plastic needles purchased for this project. I knit these two scarves while commuting to and from work on New York City public transportation, so I am not certain exactly how long it took for me to complete.

Knitting these scarves kept me sane during a five hour daily commute and miserable (but thankfully short-lived) job. Although the scarf knit with Summer Net is attractive, it is purely decorative and not really to my taste. I'm not sure if I will ever wear it. My friend Carolyn likes it, though - maybe I will give it to her. The scarf knit with Raggedy produced a warm, soft and dense fabric I found to be quite attractive and functional. I wore it with my two blue suits for recent job interviews during the unseasonably cold weather these past three weeks. I can't wait to knit with ribbon or tape yarn again.

pictures of FO will be posted soon

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