Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Magazine Subscriptions

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will usually only subscribe to a magazine when I wish to save each issue for future reference or enjoyment. If I'm only going to read it once, I try to check it out at a library or browse at a bookstore or newsstand prior to purchasing. Magazines are just too expensive to purchase and then give away or recycle after one reading.

As I went through my magazines today, and rebuilt some of my lost internet bookmarks, I realized that I subscribe to a dozen different magazines. And most of them are up for renewal right now. {sob}

Vogue Pattern Magazines, 6 issues, $14.95 (renewal price)
Sew Today Magazine (McCall/Butterick Patterns), 4 issues, $11.95 (renewal price)
Vogue Fashion Fabrics swatch service, 6 issues, $30
I have subscribed to the two magazines and swatch service for several years now. I am now adding a new sewing magazine, from the makers of Threads (Taunton) which is chock full of practical sewing advice geared toward high fashion garments:
Sew Stylish, 4 issues, $19.95

Vogue Knitting, 4 issues, $19
After the spectacular Spring issue, I'm adding:
Interweave Knits, 5 issues for $21

Vogue just auto-renewed for a year, 12 issues at $19.97. I think the same is true for W and Lucky. I'll have to double check that to finalize my magazine budget information. I consider these magazines the basic in fashion reading. W is my favorite for photography, but Lucky is the most useful in showing me trends in fashion.

Dungeons and Dragons:
Alright, I don't want to hear it. The best investment I make each year is my subscription to Dungeon and Dragon magazines. I have been a continuous subscriber for {check bookshelf} six years. Each month, I eagerly await the arrival of the brand new issue. I read each issue cover to cover (ads included) before I am done. I will often save these magazines for a "special reading occasion" such as a Saturday morning in bed. I also read and reread each issue to the point of abuse. Having said that, I need to renew:
Dragon, 12 issues $38.95
Dungeon, 12 issues $38.95
This is also the ONLY magazine I will ever subscribe to for more than one year at a time, even though there is no discount.

Finally, my only general magazine, Every Day Food. Even though it is a Martha Stewart product, I find the magazine to be simple and down to earth. It contains easy recipes using food that is in season. It also offers freeze ahead suggestions, shopping lists, and general cooking information. I just subscribed to this one.

This year, I have decided not to renew my subscription to Selvedge. Even though it is a beautiful magazine full of interesting information, I've decided to change it to a month to month decision. Also, I will not renew a trial subscription to Pink, a magazine for female executives.

Okay, for sewing magazines it's $76.85 per year, plus whatever I buy at the bookstore. That's approximately $3.84 for 20 issues.

For knitting magazines, it is $40 for nine issues, or about $4.44 each. But I buy lots of other knitting magazines at the bookstore.

For Dungeons and Dragons, I spend $77.90 for a year, or $3.25 an issue. That's a steal for the amount of times I've read these magazines.

Right now, we're looking at a sub-total of $194.75 a year and 53 magazines.

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