Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vogueknitting 25th Anniversary Issue

Vogueknitting 25th Anniversary Issue

10 advertiser covers

What I Want:

Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham Volume 1

I am always intrigued by the concept of convertible clothing. Two designs can be worn in more than one way: the snap tape convertible dress and baguette scarf/sleeves. Several other patterns look interesting and are worked in delicious yarns. $16.50. The Baguette, a beginner level project, requires 5 skeins of Shale, at $10.95. I think I like the grey/black as shown the best in this mohair/viscoise wrapped matte/shiny yarn. The Convertible Dress requires 13 balls of Fern at $9.95. Fern is a wool blend woven tape yarn, and again, I like the blue as shown.

Also a solid investment is Norah Gaughan V ol. 1 from Berroco, which contains two stories for $15.95. There is a beautiful, beginner level scarf worked in two styles of yarns. As Sabine FX, the scarf is worked in Metallic FX and as Luce, it is worked in Pure Merino Nuance. I'm not sure which colors I like best in Nuance - there are pretty greys, pinks, greens...

These three scarf patterns are projects that I could actually complete, and are portable enough for commuting or work. The yarn for the baguette is pricey, but I bet the Berroco yarns are reasonable.

I'd also like to try a pair of these square knitting needles by Kollage Yarns. Made of Forest Palm wood from Vietnam, they are available in a range of sizes. They also have square crochet hooks. According to their website, they placed a sample pair on display at a craft show. Many different people picked up this one swatch to try the needles. Amazingly, the stitches are uniform because of the needle's square shape. Many people also think the shape is less stressful on the hands. I grip the needles in a death grip, and have many tension issues as a result, so I'd like to try this on my entrelac scarf Special Project. I'd also like to buy the crochet hook for my friend Mary who has some nerve issues with her hand. The needles are approximately $20 for a pair.

But on the someday/maybe list are these Signature needles, custom made. Choose your own point style from stiletto to blunt and your own end cap. Truly beautiful, and I bet the choice of tip could be useful.

New designer for me to watch: Aquascutum. I was first intrigued by the knit corset top shown as inspiration, but the entire line contains interesting manipulation of textiles and construction techniques. Very Issey Miyake.

Oh yeah. The magazine had patterns, too. More supposedly beginner level scarves that I could possibly knit, also in a lovely silver grey palette to fit the motif. A futuristic pleated scarf by Fayla Reiss and a beautiful floral creation in silk and Swarvorski by (the) Nicky Epstein open the collection, and a simple open work shawl in ribbon by Laura Bryant closes it. I love the yarn, a railroad style ribbon special dyed for Vogue. And to add to my obsession with knit skirts: a neo-boho panel skirt alternating multicolors with black. but the yarn doesn't seem to be readily available. And it would require a lot of sewing. (I got nervous when the pattern said "block carefully".)

And, finally, wish I could take a 10 day cruise.

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Nancy said...

I so want to go on that cruise. It's a little sad:P

I love to look through Vogue Knitting but much like regular Vogue I never end up buying it. It's all eye candy for me. I'd never make most of the things in it...