Friday, January 11, 2008

Gift Giving

My Knitting Goals for 2008

I'm a big believer that gifts should be fun, not useful. You need to be careful around me, because if you mention once that you like something, I make a note in my Palm. And then, when your birthday comes around, I look at that list and find something special to buy. I buy toys, games, luxuries. Things that you want but would never buy for yourself.

Today I did a silly thing. I went to and bought every item on one of my wish lists: Sexy Knitting. I had the list down to five books out of all the recent offerings in the realm of "sexy knitting." Domaknitrix, for example, I had browsed in person and found to be wanting. And without a second thought I purchased them all, new.

It all started with Knitting Fashions of the 40's. My mother kept requesting "fun" and frivolous things to buy for me for Christmas. I asked her to buy this book since I knew I never would - I don't think I'll knit a single pattern in this book, ever 0 but I look to look at the pictures for inspiration. It's a very feminine, Dita Von Teese thing that I love.

Then, I became obsessed. I allowed myself some "grief-shopping" and spent $90 without a though and adopted:

Naughty Needles

Romantic Hand Knits

Knitting Lingerie Style

Sexy Little Knits

Sensual Knits

Now, I find spending money promisculously very arousing, but the really sexy thing is this: I'm going to knit these things. These sexy little things. Because I am a beautiful, sexy, attractive, desirable, adorable being. And I deserve pretty little things. And whoa! How neat! If I make them myself.

So the real fun gift from me to me is not the books but that warm and fuzzy self love.

Hello, 2008!


Angel said...

Wow- you went book crazy. Have you made any new sexy stuff from the new books yet?

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