Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost My Blogs!

In an attempt to safely secure my large collection of bookmarks, I have (of course!) deleted them all.

If anyone would care to share their favorite knitting blogs in the comments, I would be most grateful. Extra karma for blogs that feature cats or bloggers that are in or around New York.

Should I take this time to let everyone know that I had my first computer when I was like, nine years old? Over twenty years ago?? (My father worked for what was AT&T at the time, and was there to experience the creation of what we called "IBM clones." If all of this is ancient history to you, pick up Soul of the Machine by Tracy Kidder. This Pulitzer-prize winning book tells the tale of the birth of the home computer industry, and is also a great read from a management perspective. Good stuff.)

Let's all take a moment to thank AT&T, and Bell Laboratories, for their part in the computer revolution.

AT&T Computer, circa 1987. It runs Unix! It has a color monitor - green! Woot!

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