Friday, May 18, 2007

The Knittin' Kit

As much as I am drawn to the beautiful knitting needle cases, or even putting my straight needles in a lovely vase, I have to love the utilitarian functionality of the Knittin' Kit.

For $42.85, you can have a sturdy nylon binder with eight custom pages for
  • Up to 20 Pairs of Single-Pointed Needles
  • Up to 20 Double-Pointed Needle Sets of 4
  • Up to 48 Circular Needles
  • Up to 20 Crochet Hooks

with room for pattern books and other tools & accessories. Included with each binder is a complete needle and hook conversion chart for metric, U.S., UK & former Canadian sizes.

I need to check it out. Right now, it is sold out on Yarnmarket.

For the record: I hate cutesy spelling of words. It's knittinG, people. America's children already have problems with spoken and written language. No need to make it any more difficult.

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