Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Love Predicition

I have been saved by the overwhelming, indisputable power of the horoscope. Anyone who knows me will tell you - this is totally me.

From today's Daily News:

Love Insight: Taureans lie to take love slow. It's more important for them to secure themselves financially before making commitments to anyone else. They also need a love mate to be their best friend. They're romantic creatures, and will spoil Mr. or Ms. Right like the prince or princess that they'll need to be.

Love Secrets: Irresistable: They're nurturing, with you feeling loved and secure. They are charming, romantic, and dependable.

Irritating: It's true, they can be totally inflexible, impossible to budge, and brood for what seems like an eternity.

Romance: Candles, flowers, lights: It's a well-organized and thought out affair.

Passion: Be patient - it's smoldering and builds one step at a time before going to the next level of love. When it's a perfect match, it's spine-tingling.

Flirt Factor: Subtle, deliberate, forceful and unassuming. Taureans are seductive flirts and they'll have eyes for you only.

Faithfulness: They'll stay forever, unless you're really bad. Trust and friendship keeps her home.

Marriage Material: Absolutely - they are not in for a quick fling. They love stability, so get ready for a long engagement.

I just wish I would learn to take things slow... I always rush in, head over heels. Sigh.

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