Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oh yeah, knitting!

After having my boyfriend of four years break up with me and asking me to leave our home... After discovering that he had already moved on and was pursuing another woman... After hearing over and over how he didn't cheat on me just because his "intention" was to be friends with her... After moving myself and the cats back to my parents - again... Well, it's been a rough few weeks. I have decided that I NEED to knit.

The good news is that the heartbreak only lasted... a few weeks. Hmm... Much easier to get over than I thought it would be. Bye bye! Back to knitting!

I have been itching to get a project on the needles for weeks. I am determined to start and finish my first "true love" project: the Gedifra entrelac scarf. It WILL be ready by the time it is seasonally appropriate to wear. I have purchased a moderately expensive chaise lounge for my new apartment with comfortable knitting in mind. When I get to decorate (as opposed to "filling the empty spaces with furniture") I am planning to purchase some kind of handy storage for my current project so that it will be neatly and decoratively at hand. I need to make a plan to acquire the appropriate needles, and then skills, to tackle this moderately challenging project. The yarn is beautiful, and costly, and I want it to turn out well. I don't think this wool wrap will be an appropriate commuting project, however.

Having said that, I will also need to start an appropriate commuting project. Would entrelac socks be 'too much'?? I am in desperate need of some fingerless gloves for my painfully cold office. And I have some beautiful verigated merino yarn in a sock/lace-type weight in a beautiful forest-y color way that I wanted to use for a clapotis, perhaps.

But all of my yarn and needles and other happiness is currently trapped in my old, ex-apartment. Sigh. In desperation, my other-mother gave me a skein of acyclic Caron Super Soft in soft blue and a pair of aluminum size 10 straight needles. What am I going to make?

I am going to loop yarn and make a fabric. This fabric will gain its strength from the interconnectedness of each loop. And I will calmly, quietly, and all by myself follow the rules to make a knit stitch over and over. And if I follow the rules, and if all the loops stay together, well then my fabric will have strength.

And so will I.

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Nancy said...

Weekend Knitting has a great fingerless mitt pattern that you could use the Simply Soft for. I have a pair that I use in my office for the arctic temperatures that come with Summer air conditioning.

Knitting is definitely therapeutic, it often helps me smooth out some rough spots in life;)